New for the season, our cotton poplin Bermuda shorts bring a breath of freedom to the summer collection. Sleek shades or vibrant colours, twist your looks with this iconic piece of summer.


What are bermudas?

Bermudas are a style of knee-length shorts that typically have a straight or slightly relaxed fit. They are named after the British territory of Bermuda, where the shorts are said to have originated. Bermudas are a popular choice for warm weather and are often made from lightweight and breathable materials. They offer a comfortable and versatile option for casual and semi-casual occasions during the spring and summer months. 

What's the distinguishing feature of the cotton poplin bermuda in the collection?

The distinguishing feature of the cotton poplin bermuda in the collection lies in its fabric choice. Crafted from high-quality cotton poplin, this bermuda offers a unique combination of lightweight comfort and breathability. The smooth and refined texture of the cotton poplin not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the garment but also ensures a comfortable and stylish experience during warm weather. This fabric selection sets the cotton poplin bermuda apart, making it an excellent choice for achieving both comfort and sophistication in your summer outfits. 

How does the bermuda bring a sense of freedom to the summer collection?

 The bermuda contributes to a sense of freedom within the summer collection through its design and style. The bermuda's relaxed silhouette and knee-length cut allow for unrestricted movement, promoting a carefree and comfortable experience. This design choice is well-suited for warm weather activities, providing ease of motion and a relaxed vibe. Combined with its breathable fabric, the bermuda embodies a sense of leisure and relaxation, allowing wearers to embrace the spirit of summer with a feeling of liberation and casual elegance. 

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