CAFÉ COTON was established in 1990 and has built its success around the charisma of its founder, Charles Augustin Jeuffrain, who is still the brand's current president. 
This modern adventurer, who was raised among the fabrics and cotton in a Norman family of weavers, followed the family tradition and trained with the greatest Italian weavers. 
Fabric trader at the prestigious Dormeuil company in the 1980s, Charles Augustin then decided to create his own brand of shirts, a product he loves for its nobility and complexity, but also for its timelessness. 
More than 3 decades later, and still under his impetus, CAFÉ COTON shirts are sold all over the world and enjoy an undisputed reputation. 
With more than a hundred boutiques around the world, including more than 80 in France, Charles Augustin Jeuffrain has made the brand a success that reflects his image, combining authenticity and modernity.


Café Coton's identity has been built around a single foundation: the authenticity of the materials.
This essential value can be found both in the creation of the products and in the sales outlets fitted out with single trays made of precious wood.
The alliance between the softness of cotton and the bewitching fragrance of coffee reflects the spirit of the elegant and contemporary brand.


Our talented and demanding design office strives to develop each collection with the same ambition: to offer new collections that are inspired by fashion and reflect our values. As a creative platform, it is constantly looking for new combinations of colors, materials and weave effects. This means that our style is always innovative, classic yet bold.


We select the finest materials and we surround ourselves with partners with unequaled know-how. Thanks to our privileged relationship with Tessitura Monti, one of the best Italian weavers, we are constantly developing innovative and sophisticated weavings.

Monti produces all of our collections. All our fabrics are exclusively made from Egyptian cotton; recognized as the most prestigious cotton, with the longest and most regular fibres. First partner of Monti, we have the possibility to create and develop our own weaves. Each season, we select 200 new exclusive and unpublished designs.


Our passion for beautiful materials drives us to pay particular attention to the choice of the most beautiful fabrics. All selected bases are rich, compact and tight. Thus, they offer a full, crisp and unique hand. The richness of our fabrics is reflected in the brilliance of our colors. By relying on innovative colorimetric processes, our shirts reveal intense and vibrant colors.

The definition of patterns is also one of the major challenges of our manufacturing process. Our checks and stripes are chiselled and reveal optimal definition. For each type of pattern, we use suitable fabric bases. Our fabrics are thus clean, without any pairing or contamination. In short, our choice is deliberate, namely to favor excellence by occupying a predominant place at Monti, which is much more than a simple partner.


Proud of its experience and sure of its know-how, Café Coton has developed since its creation different lines of shirts, distinct but complementary, in order to satisfy the modern man on all occasions. “City” with the “Exclusive” and “Selection” lines Emblem of the house, our "Exclusive" shirt is the origin of the Café Coton brand. Easy to wear, it is woven between 50 and 80/2 and is positioned like a classic shirt with impeccable hold. A quality piece that goes perfectly with a suit or a casual outfit while giving a modern and refined look.

With its 100 to 140 double-ply weave, our line "Selection" is distinguished by its rich and silky yarns with a unique finesse. Enhanced by mother-of-pearl buttons, it satisfies a desire for more formal elegance and reveals unequaled durability.

“Casual” with the line of the same name Our "CASUAL" line explores new territories: that of a more inventive elegance and a more relaxed look. Developed with many bold fabrics (linen, cotton voile, velvet, denim, flannel, etc.) and innovative techniques (washed or emerized fabrics, stone wash, mouliné or mottled yarns, garment dyed, etc.), it highlights shirts with a strong character.

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