For nearly 30 years, Café Coton has been developing its philosophy of men's shirts with conviction.

Confident in its know-how and experience, it is only natural that the brand now wishes to strengthen its commitment to preserve the world of tomorrow and be part of a sustainable, more ethical fashion.

Concerned about the protection of the environment and convinced of the importance of a more "responsible" fashion,
CAFÉ COTON is proud to exclusively present a 100% organic, inspiring and creative collection.



An unprecedented approach both by the plurality of weaves
than the number of models.

From raw materials to buttons, from tailoring to compostable packaging, our shirts have been designed with the strict ambition of making no compromises.

With its new "Organic" line, CAFÉ COTON offers a natural collection, always more inventive and thus accentuates its position as a responsible company.

A first considerable step towards a more ethical fashion project, to be developed over our future collections and which reflects more than ever the spirit of the brand, authentic and modern.

What is Organic Cotton?

What is Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton has the power to change things, it is grown organically with natural products that replace chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Organic cotton not only protects our environment, but also cotton producers. It therefore presents no danger to those who grow it and requires much less water consumption than conventional cotton.

Hypoallergenic and precious for optimal well-being, Organic Cotton allows the skin to breathe better, for unequaled freshness and comfort.

Extremely soft, it finally has strong fibers, ideal for making an irreproachable fabric, the test of time.

An Italian organic fabric with the GOTS label

An Italian organic fabric with the GOTS label

Our privileged relationship with Tessitura Monti, one of the best Italian weavers, is at the origin of this ambitious ethical project.

From this partnership was born an exclusive and unique collection both by the diversity of the patterns and by the plurality of the fabrics offered.

In short, shirts made to last, with an irreproachable touch
and less harmful to the environment.

A supervised and complex process that required many resources to obtain an impeccable result labeled GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

With its extra-long and extra-fine fiber of 60/1 count, the fabric reveals an exceptional hold and touch.

This label guarantees the customer an ecological and responsible production method. It demands rigorous standards for the quality of the fabric and ensures that any use of toxic substances is prohibited.

A 100% “eco-responsible and sustainable” garment

A 100% “eco-responsible and sustainable” garment

Made from the finest Italian fabrics and meticulously made, our collections are designed with the desire to produce as close as possible, by partners with whom a relationship of absolute trust has been established for many years.

And since a shirt is not just about its fabric, we have applied the same eco-responsible intransigence to its manufacture.

Innovative packaging technology

To go to the end of our eco-responsible approach,
the question of the packaging of our shirts quickly became essential.

How to ban the use of all plastic materials and maintain quality packaging for our products?


The TIPA solution stood out to us as the most innovative and long-term relevant ecological solution: an innovative material, inspired by nature, which preserves clothes and decomposes in a few months before becoming compostable, at the image of an organic waste.


A real technological feat, the TIPA solution will be used for all packaging in the "Organic" collection, but also in the near future for all CAFÉ COTON products.

Innovative packaging technology

It is only natural that all the aspects and stages relating
to the "assembly" of the shirts have been thought in this sense:



Finally, all the accessories used for packaging
of the shirt are also recycled.

Towards an increasingly responsible future

In the coming months, we do not intend to stop there. Ultimately, our goal is clear: to extend responsible production to all of our collections.

Thus, we hope to be able to present innovative creations over time, mostly in organic cotton.

An ambitious desire that is fully in line with our commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion.

The world is changing, our shirts are committed...