A touch of impertinence to affirm his style. Essential accessory for the modern gentleman, our cufflinks bend to your desires for guaranteed elegance. Let yourself be seduced by our original shapes that will sign your outfits with refinement.

-50% on our entire collection
-50% on our entire collection

What is the origin of cufflinks?

Cufflinks are an essential part of a man's wardrobe and are aimed at the most discerning of enthusiasts. Before their appearance in the 17th century, fine lace was used to hold the sleeves.

The growing success of the shirt and the rise of the musketeer cuff shirt in the 20th century gave rise to a new need: to personalise one's outfit as much as possible and to stand out with a sense of detail of rare elegance. An ideal alternative to shirts with buttoned cuffs, cufflinks, which were once neglected, have become popular again in recent years and are now more than ever an iconic accessory in men's fashion.

The pair of CAFÉ COTON cufflinks, the essential accessory for the modern gentleman!

Initially used for more formal occasions such as weddings or gala evenings, cufflinks are now easily worn and are becoming increasingly trendy. In the office or for casual moments, they have become style references and give distinguished looks in all circumstances.

This timeless accessory is popular for its impertinence and uniqueness and is particularly appreciated by gentlemen in search of refinement.  

A perfect gift idea, cufflinks will delight all men who will quickly make them their must-haves. The wide variety of CAFÉ COTON models offer a wide choice and can be adapted to all styles and budgets. Available in one size, the cufflinks are easy to give as gifts and allow fans to complete their collection over the years. Find the right gift idea on the website, choose your favourite cufflinks and be sure to please yourself or them. 

How to choose your CAFÉ COTON cufflinks?

CAFÉ COTON cufflinks are carefully made and go well with all shirts with musketeer cuffs. Twice a year, our collections offer a wide variety of patterns and colours to brighten up your outfits with sophistication.

If you prefer a more traditional and formal style, choose neutral cufflinks. Rectangular or round plain steel cufflinks are ideal for more classic outfits. Iconic and worn with a suit, tie or bow tie, they give your looks a confident style. 

More original, the cufflinks decorated with colourful reminders or unusual patterns will give your outfits a unique personality for a quirky spirit that is sure to make a lasting impression. The models made from bold patterns or enhanced by brighter colours will particularly satisfy the followers of a "casual chic" style. 

Play with the most fanciful combinations, let your creativity shine through and shape your style with the CAFÉ COTON cufflinks collection!