Organic Shirts

Made from 100% organic cotton weaving with the “GOTS” label, these eco-responsible shirts are enhanced by an extra-long natural fiber with unrivaled hold. From the fabric to the buttons, from the confection to the compostable packaging, they have been designed from exclusively natural materials and are part of a desire for sustainable, more ethical fashion. The world is changing, our shirts are committed...

3 shirts for 115€
Organic Shirts
3 shirts for 115€

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The world is changing, our shirts are committed

French specialist in men's shirts for more than 30 years, CAFÉ COTON perpetuates a tradition of excellence by relying on the use of the finest materials.
Fully committed to sustainable and more ethical fashion, the brand is innovating today by presenting a collection of 100% organic, prestigious and varied shirts.
Based on its expertise and know-how, the brand wishes to accentuate its "eco-responsible" commitment by developing organic shirts designed exclusively from natural materials, from the manufacture to the compostable packaging.

Organic cotton, a natural raw material

Grown naturally, without chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides or GMOs, organic cotton has the advantage of preserving the environment and saving water compared to conventional cotton.
The fertilizers used, exclusively natural, thus protect all the surrounding ecosystems but also the cotton producers.
Hypoallergenic, organic cotton also has virtues for the skin. Soft and characterized by extra-fine fibres, it offers the skin an unparalleled feeling of lightness.

What is the GOTS label?

The GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard) guarantees the respect of an irreproachable organic production. The environmental, social and health requirements are very specific and take into consideration each stage of the manufacture of the shirt: production and transformation processes respectful of the environment, respect and improvement of working conditions, use of organic fibers and finally prohibition hazardous inputs such as toxic heavy metals, aromatic solvents, etc.

A 100% “eco-responsible and sustainable” garment

A fundamental step, the making of the organic shirt had to live up to this ambitious ethical project. Thus, the entire "assembly" of our organic shirts leaves nothing to chance and illustrates our desire for sustainable fashion: Australian mother-of-pearl buttons, organic cotton labels and all the accessories used to package the shirt. bio are exclusively recycled.

TIPA, an innovative packaging technology

Another major challenge, the packaging of our organic shirts required extensive research to find the optimal solution. Directly inspired by nature, the TIPA ecological solution is a real technological feat. This material, which looks like traditional plastic, decomposes in a few months to become compostable, like organic waste. Eventually, it will be used for all CAFÉ COTON products.

Our commitment continues...

An important launch in the brand's history, the "ORGANIC" collection represents a significant first step towards an ethical fashion project. In a few months, our desire is clear: to offer collections that are mainly responsible, in 100% organic cotton.

What is an organic shirt?

An organic shirt is a type of clothing made from organic cotton or other natural fibers that are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Organic farming practices prioritize the health of the soil, the environment, and the workers who grow and harvest the crops.

Organic cotton is grown using sustainable farming practices that do not involve the use of harmful chemicals or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This reduces the environmental impact of cotton production and supports the health of the soil and local ecosystems.

In addition to being better for the environment, organic cotton is also hypoallergenic, softer, and more breathable than conventional cotton. Organic shirts are often made with a higher standard of quality, with attention to detail and craftsmanship, resulting in a longer-lasting and more durable garment.

Organic shirts come in a variety of styles, from t-shirts and casual wear to dress shirts and formal wear. They are a popular choice for those who prioritize sustainability and ethical production practices in their clothing choices.

What are the advantages of organic cotton?

Organic cotton offers several advantages compared to conventional cotton. Some key benefits of organic cotton include: 

Environmental Sustainability: Organic cotton cultivation promotes healthier soil, conserves water, and reduces the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers. It helps protect biodiversity and supports a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to farming. 

Reduced Health Risks: The absence of toxic chemicals in organic cotton makes it a safer and healthier choice for both farmers and consumers. It reduces the risk of exposure to harmful substances, promoting better overall well-being. 

Softness and Comfort: Organic cotton fibers are naturally softer, hypoallergenic, and breathable, providing superior comfort and a pleasant feel against the skin. 

Ethical Considerations: Organic cotton is often sourced through fair trade practices, ensuring that farmers receive fair wages and work in safe conditions. Choosing organic cotton supports ethical and socially responsible initiatives in the textile industry. 

How can I recognize good quality cotton?

Recognizing good quality cotton can be determined by considering several factors: 

Fiber Length: Longer cotton fibers, known as staple length, are generally an indicator of higher quality. Longer fibers result in smoother and stronger yarn, producing fabric with better durability and a softer feel. 

Fabric Density: Check the fabric density or thread count, which refers to the number of threads per square inch. A higher thread count usually indicates a denser and more durable fabric. 

Finishing and Weave: Pay attention to the finishing and weave of the fabric. Well-finished cotton will have smooth and even surfaces, without loose threads or snags. A tightly woven fabric is generally a sign of better quality. 

Brand Reputation: Consider the reputation and credibility of the brand. Established and reputable brands like Café Coton often prioritize quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring that the cotton used in their products meets high standards. 

By considering these factors, you can make informed decisions when selecting cotton products and identify good quality cotton that offers superior comfort and longevity. 

Are organic shirts suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies?

 Yes, organic shirts, also known as bio shirts, are an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies. Organic cotton used in these shirts is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers. This reduces the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions that can be caused by residual chemicals found in conventionally grown cotton. The natural and hypoallergenic properties of organic cotton make it gentle and comfortable on the skin, providing a more soothing and irritation-free wearing experience. 

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