A new breath of fresh air takes hold of our women’s collection. Designed to go through the seasons with elegance, this shirt with a Mao collar is the ideal alternative for shaping your style with character.

3 shirts for 115€
3 shirts for 115€

What makes the Helene shirt unique within your women's collection?

 The Helene shirt heralds a fresh perspective in our women's collection, meticulously designed to glide through the seasons with grace. With its distinctive mandarin collar, this shirt emerges as the perfect alternative, allowing you to sculpt your style with a touch of character. 

How does the mandarin collar of the Helene shirt contribute to its individuality?

 The mandarin collar of the Helene shirt bestows an air of sophistication and modernity. This unique collar style adds an element of elegance that elevates the shirt's overall aesthetic, making it an enticing choice for those seeking a blend of tradition and innovation. 

Can you explain how the Helene shirt seamlessly transitions across different seasons?

The Helene shirt is ingeniously designed to adapt effortlessly to various seasons. Its versatility allows for layering during colder months and ensures comfort and style during warmer periods, presenting an adaptable and reliable addition to your wardrobe. 

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