Our cardigans twist the classic conventions and feature extremely subtle knitting. An ideal alternative for shaping your style with elegance and character.

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60% off our entire collection

What's the difference between a cardigan and a waistcoat?

A cardigan and a waistcoat are both knitted garments worn over the upper body, but there is a subtle difference between the two. A cardigan is sleeveless and is often worn as an extra layer to add warmth. On the other hand, a cardigan has sleeves and can be worn as a lightweight jacket or an extra layer for the arms. The cardigan is also often buttoned at the front, while the waistcoat can be open or closed with a zip or buttons at the side.

What is a men's cardigan?

A men's cardigan is a type of long-sleeved knitted jumper that opens at the front with a button fastening. It is designed to be worn as an extra layer of clothing to keep you warm, but it can also be worn as a main garment. The men's cardigan is often made from wool, cotton or a blend of fibres, and is available in a variety of colours and styles to suit all tastes and occasions.

What is the difference between a gilet and a cardigan?

 A cardigan and a gilet have distinct characteristics. While a cardigan is a knitted sweater that opens at the front with buttons or a zipper, a gilet typically refers to a sleeveless garment, often resembling a vest. Cardigans offer more coverage and warmth due to their sleeves, while gilets are sleeveless and focus on layering. 

How to wear a cardigan stylishly?

 Wearing a cardigan stylishly involves versatile layering. Pair a cardigan with a casual t-shirt and jeans for a relaxed look, or layer it over a button-up shirt for a smart-casual ensemble. Experiment with textures, colors, and patterns to add depth to your outfit. You can also wear it open or buttoned up depending on the desired style, and consider adding accessories like a belt or scarf for a personalized touch. 

What shirt to wear with a cardigan?

When pairing a shirt with a cardigan, it's important to create a harmonious balance between the two pieces. Opt for a button-down collar or a classic collar shirt that complements the V-neck of the cardigan. Colors can be coordinated for a cohesive look, or you can play with contrasts by choosing complementary colors. Subtle patterns or solid shirts work well to avoid an overly busy appearance. Feel free to experiment with different textures and materials to add dimension to your outfit. 

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