Polos & Shorts Sponge

This season's leading fabric, terrycloth, awakens the summer and is available in a variety of styles. Whether polo shirts or Bermuda shorts, our creations reinvent the classic codes and transport you into a comforting universe between softness and relaxation.

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60% off our entire collection
Polos & Shorts Sponge
60% off our entire collection

What occasions and settings are the éponge polos and bermudas suitable for?

The éponge polos and bermudas are suitable for a range of occasions and settings, offering a versatile choice for casual outings, beach vacations, and relaxed social gatherings. Their adaptable design and comfortable éponge fabric make them ideal for both outdoor activities and indoor relaxation, ensuring a seamless blend of comfort and style that suits various scenarios. 

What sets the fabric éponge apart as a highlight of the season?

The fabric éponge sets itself apart as a highlight of the season due to its distinctive attributes. This unique material introduces a soft and textured feel to the éponge polos and bermudas, enhancing their tactile experience and offering a cozy and luxurious sensation. Its presence enriches the overall aesthetic of the collection, aligning perfectly with the relaxed and comforting essence of the summer season. 

What makes the éponge polos and bermudas a must-have for those seeking a blend of comfort and style?

The éponge polos and bermudas become must-have items for those seeking a perfect fusion of comfort and style. The éponge fabric's plushness and comforting touch provide a high level of wearability, while its refined texture adds a touch of sophistication. By seamlessly combining these elements, the éponge polos and bermudas offer a distinctive yet fashionable option for individuals aiming to enhance their summer wardrobes with pieces that prioritize both comfort and a refined sense of style. 

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